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About the game:

What could be better than experiencing the good old-fashioned adventures of a valiant hunter in a harsh medieval world? Having those adventures in a magical medieval world, of course!

Fantastical monsters, devious witches, ruthless and arrogant nobles, greedy and villainous mercenaries, magical battles, a whole host of engaging relationships with ravishing heroines of various races - these are only a fraction of what the player character will face as he quests to find his lost sister. Will our hero manage to find faithful friends and companions in the realm, acquire powerful weapons and mythical artifacts, and present the forces of evil with a worthy foe? Will he be able to reach heights unknown to even the most glorious knights? And will he have enough strength to withstand the devil’s mightiest weapon - temptation?

Knightly Passions” is a nonlinear visual novel with RPG elements that brings together the very best aspects of the genre. The many battles, engaging exploration, and search for the finest equipment will immerse you in the game’s atmosphere, while its diverse secrets, puzzles, mysteries, and riddles will enable you to discover the outstanding warrior and sage that dwells within you. Here, only you can decide how to operate, who to consider your friend or enemy, how to conduct yourself with each of the heroines, and how to act in difficult situations - will you wade into combat, or negotiate with the help of your charisma or wealth? It all depends on you - can you transform yourself into an exalted warrior and be the champion of a downtrodden world?

Awaiting you in the game is:

  • An incredible tale of adventure that you won’t soon forget.
  • Dozens of maidens of all shapes and sizes to seduce.
  • Support for a variety of fetishes, high-quality illustrations, and meticulously animated adult content (ranging from 25 to 80 frames per scene).
  • An exciting combat system.
  • An assortment of minigames.
  • Original epic music to enhance your sensational experiences.
  • Magic! It’s a wondrous thing, especially when employed in an erotic game.

We invite all of you to dive into a thrilling fantasy world that will bewitch your heart and mind!

“Warning! This game contains scenes of an erotic nature, physical and emotional violence, and profanity.”

Knightly Passions (DLC: Between Life and Death)

Knightly Passions (DLC: In the Grip of Ice):

Original Game Soundtrack:

Change log

Version 0.15a:

  • New quest: “The Drunken Mare.” In this quest, you’ll help the tavern keeper make all the necessary preparations to purchase some good booze. 
  • New quest: “Mercantile Machinations.” You’ll have to face off with some malevolent merchants who don’t consider it necessary to keep their word. 
  • New quest: “The Best Candidate.” The tavern keeper is looking to find himself a female assistant for a cushy job in the tavern. This quest is issued automatically after completing the “Mercantile Machinations” quest.  
  • New quest: “The Picnic.” At times, even the simplest forms of outdoor recreation can turn into something terrifying. 
  • New minigames in quests: “Keep Your Balance on a Horse,” “Clicks on the Screen,” and “Pursuit.”
  • Now, from the very beginning of the game onward, the tavern is available for lodging only. Customers will only appear in the tavern once you’ve completed the “Mercantile Machinations” quest. 
  • The price of lodging in the tavern has doubled. But don’t worry - after the tavern fully reopens, the tavern keeper will thank you with a 50% discount on lodging. 
  • Added several new music tracks
  • Fixed many bugs, and probably added some new ones. 
  • And much more.  

Version 0.10c:

  • Fixes the global map button bug. 
  • Ensures the English version of the game properly displays all text in English (not Russian). 
  • Various minor adjustments and improvements.  

Version 0.10b:

  • Fixed a bug involving the "Map" button.
  • Fixed a bug when dealing a critical hit in combat.
  • Fixed a bug involving the use of vials of antidote.
  • Fixed a bug involving bears' "Steel Claws" combat ability.
  • Fixed a bug involving items in Quests 20 and 21. The wine and the Iskandria fish now disappear from your inventory at the intended time.
  • Improved the English translation of the game, especially with regard to the new content.
  • Added a new animation for bears' "Rage" combat ability.
  • If you're playing on PC, hitting the spacebar during a critical hit will launch the attack. Pressing the spacebar any other time during combat still ends your turn as normal.
  • Improved the musical accompaniment in the new quests.
  • Added a "Leave" button to the arm wrestling interface.
  • Updated the in-game "thank you" list.
  • Saves from Version 0.10a are fully compatible with Version 0.10b.

Version 0.10a:

  • New quest: A New World. The current 18+ scenes with the elf will now become available after completing this quest.
  • New quest: The Herbalist’s Secrets. After this quest, search out Mirina in the field - she’ll thank you generously.
  • New quest: The Stone Jungle. The arms trader will now give you new contracts for monster heads.
  • New location in the poor district: the arms trader’s house.
  • New location on the global map: the Glade of Death.
  • New adult animated scene with Mirina (Live2D).
  • New adult animated scene with the arms trader (Live2D).
  • The game has been ported to the latest version of the Ren’Py engine (Version 7.5.3). This will make the game more stable on all platforms (especially on Android).
  • Combat System 3.0. Let’s go over it all in sequence, from most to least significant. An auto-move button has been added in combat that allows the player to click a single time on a skill card to use it (no additional clicking to select the card’s target, which significantly speeds up battles). While in this mode, attack cards will automatically target the first eligible enemy, while defense and healing cards will target the player. Additionally, in this mode, cards no longer disappear and animations are much faster. We’ve also changed the exterior design of the combat system. We’ve started implementing new cards that you’ll see in the next updates. You can now swap between weapons in combat (bow/sword). You can now end your turn by hitting the space bar if you use a keyboard.
  • Updated the design of the arm wrestling starting screen.
  • Added new enemies in the forest (bears) and in the cave (dire bats, goblin archers, and goblin shamans).
  • New skill: “Vampirism.” This skill allows enemies to deal damage while also regaining health.
  • New skill: “Rage.” This skill triggers if you make an enemy angry. In this mode, enemies will deal more damage than normal.
  • New skill: “Iron Fur.” When an enemy uses this skill, they receive armor that can carry over to the next turn if you don’t break through it.
  • New skill: “Steel Claws.” An enemy using this skill can bypass armor the player acquires during combat, dealing damage directly to the player’s health.
  • Updated the item system. Armor, weapons, and certain quest items now have their own rarity levels. In the future, we’ll expand the current list of item rarity.
  • Combat balance has been completely reworked. The player now has 500 HP instead of 100 HP. The health and attack of all enemies have also grown several times larger.
  • Wounds heal when you sleep. Six hours of sleep in the tavern now restores 50 HP.
  • Made some textual revisions to Quests 2, 8, and 15.
  • Fixed many bugs and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more!

Version 0.9c:

  • Transferred the game to a new version of the Ren'Py engine (7.5.1)
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 15 involving catching a dove in the field. 
  • Fixed crashes while fishing. 
  • Increased the probability of randomly unlocking the adult scenes in the brunette nun's cell in the evening (scene 8 in the gallery). 
  • Fixed a bug in the combat system when making a critical hit. 
  • Fixed bugs in the gallery
  • Added a convenient "Skip All" button in New Game+ game starts that allows you to choose to skip all 17 currently skippable quests at once.  
  • Enhanced New Game+ functionality; when skipping quests, the adult scenes from all of the quests you skip will now automatically unlock in the gallery. 
  • Reduced the size of the game files by about ~50 MB (removed the old frame-by-frame animations that've been replaced with Live2D animations).

Version 0.9b:

  • The game has been ported to the latest Ren'Py engine, Version 7.5.0. This will make the game more stable on both PC and Android. 
  • Fixed a bug involving using a cheat code to increase the hunter's health. 
  • Fixed a rare bug involving fishing
  • Implemented some fixes in the Gallery so that it now works as intended.

Version 0.9a:

  • The main quest has received an expansion!  You can now get a few steps closer to finding your sister.
  • New quest: “A Liberating Outfit.” This is the final quest in the elf’s plotline, which smoothly segues into her adult content.
  • New quest: “The Young Warrior.” In this quest, you’ll be able to help the peasant boy recover his stolen toy.
  • Two new characters make their first appearances in the game: the Governor and the Vampire.
  • Added a new location: The Vampire’s House
  • Added two minigames: “Chase for Prey” and “Last Stick.” You’ll encounter the first one in the main quest, while the second can be found in “The Young Warrior” quest.
  • Improved the witch’s 18+ animations in Quest 3 (Live2D).
  • Improved the elf’s “Doggy Style” 18+ animations (Live2D).
  • The combat system has been completely rewritten and enhanced. You can expect to see more new cards, enemies, abilities, buffs, and debuffs in future updates.
  • Updated the design of the battle interface.
  • Improved critical hit mechanics. The player can now make the hunter deal triple damage by hitting a button at the appropriate time.
  • Updated the algorithm for auto-battles in hunting mode. The damage caused by auto-battles now adjusts based on the number of enemies and the hunter’s damage.
  • If the hunter hunts in the forest during Quest 15, he can now encounter the elf’s mother.
  • Added fishing training.
  • The difficulty of catching fish now scales based on your level of Hunting Instinct. If your Hunting Instinct level is above 20, then the difficulty of fishing is trivial.
  • Simplified catching an Icarius in Quest 17.
  • Fishing is no longer available in the evening or at night.
  • Updated arm wrestling. Bonuses and traps in the minigame have been enhanced. Before the start of an arm-wrestling bout, your opponent’s difficulty level is now shown. In the same window, you can also receive arm-wrestling training.
  • Updated the pause menu. We’ve implemented “Main Menu” and “Exit” buttons, which allow you to go to the game’s main menu or exit the game entirely, respectively.
  • Added some new NPC dialogues.
  • Added more options in some existing quests.
  • Improved the English translation.
  • Improved quest streamlining.
  • Updated the game’s exit screen.
  • Added new dialogue option icons.
  • Fixed a rare bug that broke the navigation screen at the end of the game.
  • Fixed a bug with prices in the tavern after the bartender sobers up.
  • Also fixed many other bugs, and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more!

Version 0.8c:

  • Fixed yet another bug when arm wrestling with the old man/merchant. 
  • The elven druid boss’s stun attack now takes 3 points of stamina away from the hunter instead of 1. 
  • Fixed the “stun” debuff being applied multiple times when fighting boars and other enemies using a stun attack.
  • Fixed a bug involving armor values being zeroed out prematurely during fights with several opponents. 
  • Fixed a substitution bug with traders’ inventories that could cause crashes when attempting to purchase bread. 
  • Fixed several other bugs involving the combat system. 
  • Ensured saves from 0.8a and 0.8b work with the latest version of the game (0.8c).

Version 0.8b:

  • Improved the adult animations in the elf’s Live2D scenes. We’ve made some changes to make the animations look even better. 
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when the old man/merchant won at arm wrestling
  • Fixed a bug/exploit with the Potion of Oblivion. It’s no longer possible to receive extra skill points by using the potion when equipped with items that increase your skills. 
  • Made the buttons in QTEs (Quick Time Events) visible to everyone. Use the keyboard if you’re playing on a computer. 
  • Improved the English translations of Quests 15, 16, and 17
  • Improved the English translations of the adult scenes with the brunette nun. 
  • Fixed a bug involving a duplicate Meditation skill card when reselling the golden brooch.
  • Fixed a bug with the journal
  • Ensured saves from Version 0.8a will work with this version of the game. 
  • Improved notifications about errors. 
  • Fixed several other similar minor bugs.

Version 0.8a:

  • New quest: “The Family Heirloom.” In it, we continue to discover more about the elf’s character.
  • New quest: “The World of Trading.” A cute and romantic story involving Mirina :3
  • New quest: “The Forest Cove.” This is a quest that will, in future updates, introduce us to a new character.
  • Remade the adult scenes in the brunette nun’s cell in Live2D.
  • Remade 2 adult scenes with the elf in Live2D.
  • Added beautiful music that immerses you more deeply in the game for the new quests.
  • Completely overhauled hunting and slightly improved the combat system. You can now hunt several creatures at once by choosing to face one to three enemies.
  • Your level of Hunting Instinct now allows you to gain the dodge effect right in the middle of battles. The higher your level of Hunting Instinct, the higher your chance of gaining the dodge effect.
  • The item drop rate is now tied to Hunting Instinct. Each additional level increases the chances of rare items dropping.
  • Added auto-battle functionality to hunting mode. To unlock it, you need to conduct three successful hunts for animals of the given variety and number. For instance, in order to unlock auto-battles when facing three wolves, you’ll need to defeat packs of three wolves three times in normal combat. Auto-battles cost the hunter 30 HP.
  • You can now arm wrestle with the fisherman and the blacksmith.
  • Arm wrestling difficulty is now impacted by your level of Combat Training. The higher your Combat Training, the easier it will be to defeat your opponent.
  • The price of items is now dependent on your Charisma level. The higher your Charisma, the lower the cost of the goods you buy and the higher the selling price for your own items.
  • Added the “Lacerating Strike” skill card, which inflicts the bleeding condition on enemies. You can obtain it by defeating the blacksmith at arm wrestling.
  • Added an “enhanced fishing rod,” which grants you a 15% chance to catch a variety of items in the lake (including artifacts).
  • Added the “Potion of Oblivion.” It resets all stats, allowing skill points to be reallocated. It’s currently sold by the witch.
  • The Gallery now fully unlocks when unlocked via cheat codes (including all of the scenes with the elf and the brunette nun).
  • Improved the “New Game+” feature by adding the ability to skip Quests 11 through 14. (Previously, only the first 10 quests were skippable).
  • Added a convenient button in the navigation window to allocate unspent Skill Points.
  • Improved the English translations of Quests 5 through 9.
  • You now won’t be able to flee from combat during the combat tutorial. Previously, running away from the combat during the tutorial caused a critical error.
  • Fixed the tooltips on how to unlock each adult scene in the Gallery.
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of the maid in the market in “New Game+” games.
  • Fixed trading bugs.
  • Fixed bugs when crafting items at the blacksmith.
  • Fixed bugs with the Cave location.
  • Also fixed many other bugs and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more!

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(1,005 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, sex


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if you pay $10 USD or more

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Our new game has been published with new version on itch.io!(+18)


Check it out while its free!


Are we gonna get more updates for free or will 0.8 and under be considered a demo/prologue?


DO NOT BUY! Current game is not worth the price and the developer is charging for the content he should be building into the game as "DLC."

(2 edits) (+1)

Ofc not, this game is ok, but it's not super, like other visual novels. I won't buy the extensions, I will buy the final product, if and only if the price is good, and by good I mean good for customers, not for the one what sells it. 

EDIT: Plus the plot on this game is.. kinda fast, you only started to play the game, and boom, you are no longer able to play it.

EDIT: Plus look at the storage of the game, you can clearly see that it's not that big. That means you get less than 1/6 on each update, and after seeing that the game is soooo small. It's kinda logic

(2 edits)

Um, Feyada, the game is very great, but is there any way to save the elf's mother? 

Do you know how depressing it was to arrive in the forest in the evening and being unable to meet her early (because the event only triggered at night) , and looking at the wounded elf while saying I have no health potions ( when I had 10 of those in my bag when I fought the wolves before tending to her) 

I just wanna cry, boohoo

How do I use the DLC? Do i play them as separate games or as add ons, and how do i add them to the game if so?

Wow. Great artwork, amazing animation, intresting characters with cool quests, AND satisfying combat mechanic. Just wow!

Deleted 3 days ago

Those DLCs are for irl celebrations. Namely Halloween and Christmas. They're not "post-game" content, they're things that exist alongside the main game. Also...they've literally had those same DLCs be included in the game previously as part of past updates. 

The work got put in to make them standalone stories, why are you griping about the devs doing more work to flesh out the world?

(1 edit)

Say developer if i download on android and says app not installed does it mean not supported on my android? Or just lacks in storage

It usually means you lack storage

Wha? But i have free 3GB space and only the app only 700MB and still says app not installed

android do be dumb like that you need like 4x storage space to download itch.io games usually 

Hoo so its just android das dumb tnx btw:)

Is There A Scene With The Weapon Trader



increase pregnancy


I was really disappointed in this. Looks great but the version that will work on Android 11 is never going to be free. I'm not paying for a game that the free version doesn't work on my device. It's really to bad since it seems great.

Our game supports most devices. We are sincerely sorry that your device does not support our game. Try playing on PC.

When I go to download the latest version (0.16) it only allows me to download (0.8) despite the fact that I have already paid for the full version twice, do you actually have to pay every single update? Because that's what's happening for me and its pretty annoying 

I don't understand how it works.

As you can see in the screenshots above I ha e purchased the game multiple times and I still can not download the most recent updated with out repurchasing it yet again, 

I'm not making this posts to cause any problems because I love the game but honestly this is getting pretty annoying and expensive because I shouldn't have to pay full price every update

any idea what month it's gonna release on steam?

There is no exact month yet, but in 2023 definitely.

what is the difference between Knightly_passions-0.8 and Knightly_passions-0.16

0.16 is a newer version with more new content.

thanks im gonna get that then

I really love the card battling system in this game. It reminds me a lot of Slay the Spire (perhaps intentionally) and even while the game is still in development I can say I appreciate the writing and story aspect a lot. Really a lot of fun to play and I hope the combat system gets even more love in the full release because I have a ton of fun even in the random and grinding for money battles.


Thanks a lot!

congrats on Steam!

We haven't had a Steam release yet) It's a Pirates release!

When will be the major story update?

Already in the next update, which according to our data will be in March.


(1 edit) (-1)

If I already bought the current version, will you still have to pay for future updates?


Fixed my problem, thank you for your work!


It's our job to fix bugs in the game!)


Hello, I downloaded this games free version and just finished all of the available quests (love the game btw).  I just had a question regarding quest 15 "The family heirloom".  While I did go through and finish the quest, some of the dialogue didn't seem to fit.  For example when after the elf sent the letter to her mother I went to the forest (before midnight from what I can tell) and the protagonists dialogue goes something along the lines of "... If only I had gone to the meeting place at the right time" or something similar.  However no matter what I do I can't get to the meeting place at a time in which I don't find the mother dead/don't get this dialogue.  I'm wondering if this is a bug, something to do with the free version, or something I did wrong in my playthrough.  Sorry if this is a bit long.

Everything is correct. The mother must die. But either you talk to her when she is dying, or you find her already dead.

Okay, thank you, glad to know I didn't miss out on anything.

(1 edit)

anyone else getting errors in battle when it the enemies turn seems to be the attack animation?  

As far as I know, only those who installed the game through the itch.io application receive errors. Try installing the game manually by downloading the archive through a browser and extracting it.

ok fam gotch ill give that a go thanks for the advice

Hi, I'm afraid that .apk release for 0.16 and In the Grip of Ice DLC thumbnail is bugged (between life and death ones appear properly instead of default RenPy ones), can you get them fixed for 0.17? Thx :)

Are you talking about the icon? Will fix it in the future) 


Hi! Really enjoyed playing the free version, really liked the game, but I have a question?

If I buy the 0.15a version (currently $5), do I get access to future versions of the game, or just that specific version? Thanks in advance.


It should tie it to your ich.io profile, but some devs don't have that for some reason and instead say to contact them about it.

idk which is the case for this one mind you, but it should default to the first option.

I was wondering the same thing.

Hello, thanks!

You will get access, but only when the game costs $5.


Is there any way to combine the DLC with the main game download? I have the DLC for the halloween thing, but while I have the option for the DLC when I launch the main game, there's just a blank popup with "ok".

No. The main game is separated specifically from the add-on. Just download the game, unwind and enjoy. In the future, perhaps we will release a gold edition, which will include all the expansions.

I see alot of people saying to pay the $10 option and not the $5. But i dont see a $10. The highest it goes is $5. I'm very confused and don't want to waste my money.

its on sale my guy

This confusion has to do with early access. People paid $5, but they want to get the same game as everyone who paid $10. Although we have already warned more than once that if you buy a game for $5, you will receive a new release after 1-2 weeks.

Those. players still get the game. It's just that those who paid $10 will get it earlier.

How do I get quest 13 Natures wrath

Notice board next to Executioner.

Will a curvy version ever come out?

What do you mean?

(1 edit) (-1)

Is the only way to get 0.15 by paying for it or will there be a update for 0.15 where you can download for free

There will be no more free versions.

whenever i try to fight every turn it gives me an error message any help?

Download the game manually (don't use itch app). For some reason, the itch app is breaking the installation of the game.

I always crash during scenes with efl girls, does anyone know how to fix this? i play on samsung tab s4

(1 edit)

Have you updated your android system to the latest version?

yes, and sometimes it's force close

Having finished v0.15a, a few details I think could use some thought later on

  • Ever since the combat overhaul came through Lacerating Strike (the attack which causes bleeding) feels unimpressive. 5 points of bleed is way too little now that everything has so much more health. I DID like that it’s specifically a sword attack even if you’re using a bow. Makes me think the combat system will get even more fun later on

  • Was looking for some lingering quests and eventually found I missed the notice board by the gallows. Since not too many scenes have interactibles, maybe that board could use some tweaking or mention to draw the player’s attention in?

  • The new h scene with Mirina has a wobble effect also applied to the grass and sheet which uuuhh… doesn’t look quite right =P

  • Since new versions always tag previous saves as incompatible, it’d be real helpful to have version tags assigned to the quests in the New Game + menu. That way it’s easy to figure out how to make a new save where we left off

  • During the Golem quest the Hunter finds a bow (currently the best in the game, even) and text makes note of how good it is and how he’s going to use it BUT neither is the bow automatically equipped (it shouldn’t, really) nor does the player have a chance to equip it before the fight with the Golem itself (which at this point of the game was unexpectedly easy)

  • Mentioned in other thread but the unlocked FPS issue is making some of the minigames straight up unplayable if the player doesn’t know how to circumvent it (For Linux users, check out libstrangle)

Other than those, realy enjoyed it. This game keeps delivering quite interesting content. I guess the only other thing is people are still getting confused by your DLC, still think they’d be better served if they were just named “extra stories”, “bonus shorts” or something of the like.

Understood. Thanks a lot! We will think about it!

v0.15a walkthrough? i really need it!

I buy and download 0.15a version (i can see 0.15 ver as text in a game), but content is only 0.10. What to do?

Probably some glitch.

Как купить в России? карты виза и мир выдают ошибку.


(1 edit) (+4)

Okay, it took me a while but here is the Dungeon in the Golem Hunt quest completeley mapped out. Unless it is randomly generated wich is highly unlikeley. 

I struggle with this sort of quest so I hope I can be of Help to all people who struggle as much as I did.


Great job!!!

Thank you very much. /)>w<(\


I don't know if this is on your side or Itch's. I can manually download the 0.15 version through a browser. The 0.15 version does not show in the desktop itch app. I only get a 0.10 and 0.8 option.

Also, is there a way to integrate the DLC into the main game launcher? I see the DLC option but nothing happens even though I purchased them.

i have similar problem, i can see 0.15 version (as text),  but content is 0.10. What to do?

Perhaps some kind of bug?

Tried that, no response. It wont allow 0.15 through the desktop app.

(1 edit)

DLCs are like separate games.

I know, but the main game has a DLC button but when you push it it just shows an empty text box. Why I was asking if it can be integrated.

(1 edit)

how do i get the cutsceen drunk nun after unlocking it after quest 6


There are tooltips when you hover over the gallery.

I have a bug in the H-scenes i can see anything. I reinstaled the game but this doesnt fix it. What should i do?

Did you install the game through the itch app? If yes, then install the game through the browser.

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