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Is there a way to pay for the complete game?

Not yet.


Let me know when it is. I'll gladly chip in.


hey I would LOVE to play this game but I am a girl. Could you add option to change pronouns of the main character to she/her or they/them PLEASE? thanks! X


or even better if you could make a female main character option that would be so great


We are considering this option.

If let's say 0.4 comes out, will 0.3 become free or do I still have to pay?

You have to pay for new versions.


Do you have discord?


The game has no discord yet. And my personal - of course there is.

Give me your discord Username. Or add me @istlocker #4192

Language: English.


What do I do to finish the quest where I look for the knight that took my sister?


This quest is under construction. It cannot be passed yet.

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If I pay the $5 version will I have the full game as it comes out? I mean with all the new updates and such.


IS there a way to pay for the full version as it comes out?


Helloo. I'm noticing in the comments that you're looking for a native English speaker to help out with the translation? The game is pretty great, and the art style is awesome, let me know if you're interested in working something out. Willing to help out, free of charge!

How can I contact you on discord?

Different guy here but you can get me at Elonejd#6537

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Hey! If you're still looking for someone (or multiple people) let me know. I'm a native English speaker and I have experience in writing. As a fan of the game, I'd love to help out. 

I don't speak a hint of Polish, but if you just need an editor for the existing translation, contact me at Sketchy#5347.

Also willing to help with translation. Professional writer.

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Overall very good roll out with ver 0.3a !!

Font for the bulletin board is a bit small on phone but I was able to screenshot the notices and zoom in.

Still not sure how to turn the Hunter items in for coin but I will keep working at it.

Also a couple places where the Russian words are overriding the English translation. (Specifically flowers for the witch).

Yes, we have already fixed this in the new version, which will be released very soon.

Thank you and looking forward to the Halloween release of the new location !


why did hunter say "not black" are you racist are something


A very strange question. The main character could say - not blue, not red, not white, not green. We treat all races equally well.

wht a  troll


Are you going to make previous payers, pay every update now?


So far, yes. In the future, no.


Okay, good to know. Any tips on keeping my save data? I keep having to restart and losing the gallery.

Alas, the game is in development. We can't do anything with the saves now.


i'm not sure if it gets better, as i have not progressed past finding the elf in the tavern and the version that i'm playing is that of version 0.1a. But i find the grammar in the game slightly lacking, it's not egregious in how bad it is, but it's bad enough to turn me off, i don't expect the story telling skills of a highly publicised book series, but i do expect the grammatical skills of a fluent english writer. I know that you, Feyada may not be a native english speaker, but i do expect your translator(s) and editor(s) to at least be able to translate your script to something coherent and legible. 

Though i haven't progressed much in the game, i do commend you on your art style from what i have seen so far and in your previews.

I will download version 0.2c as you have recently just made it available to download for the general public, and i hope that the grammar has been improved.


The translation will be improved, but a little later. We need to find a native English speaker.


Played till the end of the most updated. Looking forward to more, good job! I appreciate your hard work and dedication!




Oh gawd, I love this game's artwork, and by the looks of it this is a fun game to play. Sadly I'm broke. 😢



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Super awesome game. Can you currently get everything in the gallery or are they just place holders. Also what are the cheats and how do I use then and how do you turn in message board quest


27 out of 27 artworks you can open in the gallery at the moment. Cheats open in the settings, in order to use them you must be our patron patron. To complete the quest from the bulletin board, it is enough to bring the customer what he wants and talk to him about it.

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If i pay 10$ for a 0.3a, i gona be able to download next patches faster as well, or "it" gona charge me again? 

Of course I don't mind support such fun game. 

Sorry for bad english :)

Welp already bought anyway. I might be a bit impatient but....hell with it, ya deserve it anyway.


It's most likely going to charge you again. I bought 0.2a and it's prompting me to pay $10 for 0.3a. I paid $5 for 0.2a.


We will charge again. You can wait until we release the game ON EPISODES.


very entertaining game...i like the mini games and the artworks are superb

looking forward...i really appreciate your work😊


Thanks. A new version of the game has already been released, try to play it.


Hey nice artwork (=


Thanks :3

Deleted 2 years ago

Look in Google for how to run Ren'py game. Apparently this is your first encounter with Ren'py games.

I didn't see the bit about v. 0.2 requiring a $5 purchase until after I purchased the game. Is there a way for me to increase my payment by the $3 and gain access to that version?



Hi. In one of your last post, you said v0.2 would be available in June 2020. Here we are, in August, with no new update in sight. Did something happen?

he might have forgot about it. Maybe he uploads it somewhere else more frequently.


Version 0.2a came out in June and 0.2c in July.  Now is August and if we have time, we will release the update this month, if not, then in September.

im just wondering if the games has ntr because im not too keen on i




All women have had sex with men other than the leading  actor?    It is very bad


Not.  There is no NTR in the game.

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This game is a masterpiece

Can't wait for more updates

I will download every single one lol

Does the game have a discord server?

also will you continue to post public versions of the game? I cant really pay for games

Some versions of the games will be free.  There is no discord yet.

Game won't open on Mac for some reason 


I stuck on trying to find my sister, it says that guards may help me, but the only interactive option with them is to buy a vine, help me please


The quest with sister is not yet possible to complete.


how do i complete this mission?


The game is in development, this mission cannot be completed yet.


Great game. Best art I've seem in a while


Thanks for the game :)

Is it animated or am I just gonna see pictures?


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how do you get all the scenes? I dont have  1 in page 3 and 3 at page 5 also what does the potion do in the main screen?

Potion in the game menu - undresses the elf if you hover over her boobs.

what about the scenes?

It all depends on the choices you make in the game. If you choose one option, the scene will be there; if you choose another, it may not be there. We indicated at the beginning of the game that your actions depend on the passage of the game. We are trying to develop the game in this direction.

yes i know and i have unlocked all of them exept the first one in page 3. I have 5 saves and i have tryed so many dialogs but nothing  works

This is fixed in the 0.2b version.


 I want to say this game is really good ! In the ocean of crap this game is Messiah.

In this game is only one thing i don't like , this game is silent. Maybe im not very good at making music in medievale style but I want to give you my concept for music in game. And I'll be very happy if you give my chance to show what I'm done.

If you can give my your e-mail or other thing where I can send you music I'll be very plesent

And Good Luck In Future, You Made Very Good Game !

Hi. Write to my personal email:

And, what's the verdict ?

I emailed you. Offer other options, and we will find a point of cooperation.


Just wow!

The game has one of the the most amazing artworks I've seen in a long time, and a decent story too! I'm very eager to try the next version. I really loved it, keep up the good work!



Deleted 2 years ago

The game does not support your Ubuntu operating system.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for your reply. We found the problem and have already fixed it. In version 0.2, everything will be fine. Wait for updates.

Deleted 2 years ago


Played the game, have to say it has potential, even though some of the scenes are a bit too rushed. Will wait for version 0.2!

Thanks. In version 0.2, much will change.

is this game nsfw?


I having problem, I cannot talk to the guards about my sister after talking to executioner. Is the game end in there for this build

All right.  That is all for now.  The first version ends here.

I keep having problems with the game, 1 there is no sound at all, 2 Its barely playable for me, i've been playing for only a few minutes and an error has popped up maybe 5 times now.


1. There is no sound in the game yet.  2. Send a screenshot of the error please.

After what action did this error start popping up?  Have you clicked on inventory?  or maybe something was removed from inventory?  or did you click on a magazine? or something different?

I dont recall what was specifically happening when it first happened but I was very close to the beginning of the game when you first go to the tavern to ask where your sister is but now after I reload the game, a couple seconds later it pops up without me doing anything. Should I possibly just restart or maybe delete the game and reinstall?

Perhaps the game did not download to the end?

Let's try this:
1. Remove the game.
2. Try downloading again and install it.
3. Be sure to start the game AGAIN (do not load old saves, this is important).

If the problem recurs - remember the place where the error occurred, and write to us here where and how it was.

You will help to correct this error. You will help the project.

P.S. If you have ANDROID, try the same thing with him.

Thanks in advance!

Deleted 2 years ago

On the quest: try to sleep.
According to the game: The game has 5 missions. The game is under development, there will be updates, new characters, new quests, locations, etc.

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