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About the game (DLC):

We present to your attention a special DLC for Knightly Passions entitled “In the Grip of Ice.” In this add-on, you'll face the machinations of icy powers who wish to disturb the peace of the town through any means necessary. In order to defeat this evil, you'll have to infiltrate the danger-filled Ice Palace, where cunning traps and pitiless sentinels wait at every step for uninvited guests. Will the intrepid hunter find the courage to confront the Ice Queen? And is there compassion in him capable of melting her frozen heart

Update: Added Chinese language.

Knightly Passions:

Knightly Passions (DLC: Between Life and Death)

Original Game Soundtrack:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, sex


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$4.99 $2.49 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.49 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Knightly_Passions_In_the_Grip_of_Ice-2.1-pc.zip 203 MB
Knightly_Passions_In_the_Grip_of_Ice-2.1-mac.zip 170 MB
Knightly_Passions_In_the_Grip_of_Ice-2.1-Android.apk 192 MB

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Would live to see the dlc worked into the main game.  Good content, thank you.

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I think when the game comes out we will make a gold edition. It includes all additions.

My game crashes whenever I put in the cheat code.

Don't use cheat codes. They are useless here.

Sorry if this has been already asked. 

Firstly, to what stage of the main game do you recommend playing before playing the DLCs? I see they seem to assume a level of familiarity with most the main characters. 

Secondly are they are side stories with no impact on the main game or might characters introduced here pop up later, for example?


1. These add-ons are separate games. You can play randomly, but I would advise you to play the main game first.
2. These stories do not affect the main game.


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I'm playing on the android version and just wanna know if these are supposed to be their own separate apps. Did I mess up somewhere or is it supposed to be like that? Lol


They must be separate applications.

Dear developers, as you might possibly know the german steam store banned all adult erotic games. Nevertheless, all ROW / EU Steam Keys are and must be valid (at least as long as the EU exists). It would be great if you manage that with any purchase here at itch.io is - at the wish of the buyer - a Steam Key included (other developers here on itch do it already). Only then we (Steam User) can enhance our games further on. I would really appreciate such move and buy instantly :-). Thanks for your kind understanding and assistance. BTW happy new year and keep on the good work.

We'll figure something out :)

Happy New Year!

is there any way to cheat the horse area where you have to dodge stuff cause that diffculty is way too hard and the hitboxes are awful theres no space to dodge as its moving too quickly

Use the keyboard

i am

That was it? way too short for 2.49 let alone 4.99.


you could basicly play the whole game by looking at the pictures


Idk if this is canon, but hats off to the dev team for putting out content in a timely manner. A little sad the witch (my fav)  gets left out again, but I've been super curious about what the  spider girl's deal is.

Thank you!

we need chinese


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Hey! I just wanted to mention I'll pay $5 for each dlc as a thank you for all of your hard work that goes into this ✌️. I genuinely enjoyed the original and I can't believe such quality content is free!! I'll also become a patron to help support future projects 👍


Thank you <3

Quick question was there supposed to be 9 downloads when i clicked the windows download? Great game By the way.


I don't quite understand what you mean?


don't worry I think it was an issue with my PC. when I clicked the download link it downloaded 9 different copy's of the game at the same time, I tried to find out what was wrong so I downloaded the windows version again and it worked properly this time so I assume it was a problem with my browser.  Apologies for the confusion. As for the second, comment I've been enjoying the free content so i decided to buy the game and its DLC. 


Just cause of all this stupid comments here, i bought both dlcs for 4.99. Rly hate ppl. complaining. Great Work, ty!


Thank you <3


This is just the same content from old versions from years ago being re-released and forced to pay for again


If you've played it, why would you buy it again?

is this another expandalone???


yay more content


are the DLC going to be available on the steam version when it releases or will it only be on itchio?


The DLC will be available on Steam when the game is released on Steam.


Wow,Another DLC?That's awesome,you know.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻



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I bought 1x DLC and it was like still not good enought and I not completed it. So next DLC 50% off? Nah... not worth :(
Main story and game is really interesting and nice game!
Thanks for you hard work.


No problem, buddy. Everyone makes their choice :)




In fact, everything will end well, don't be sad :)


I am just afraid, it seems all the adult games I spend money on suddenly go into different directions. The Main game is at 0.10C  and there is suddenly 2 dlc already for the game.  It just raises red flags. 


These are not new additions. They could stare further, lying on a shelf. But we decided to release them. There is a high probability that in the future they will be finalized. You can not buy them, no one is forcing you. And you are right, the main game is 0.10s, and I also remind you that 0.8 is free, and there is a lot of content for a free game. We are currently working on the next version of the main game, and we have been working on it for the last 2 months.


:) Thanks for always responding, it makes those fears of a cool came being abandon a little less fearful.




You're at 0.10 version, and you release a paid for DLC? Who does that?


We put a lot of effort into this DLC, given the fact that a small team was working on it, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This DLC was released a long time ago, but many have not played it, so it was transferred to the itch. 

What exactly surprises you? Price $2.49? Or the fact that when an artist paints a picture for 10 years, he tries to paint a different picture?


I do not doubt that effort went into this DLC, still I have to agree with UK_John, selling chunks of your game separately even when the main game isn't done feels very wrong. If this content was created a long time ago it could now just be added as a bonus to the itch version.

Normally you only see this from big publishers trying to make as much money as possible.


I'll explain what the problem is. You're looking at DLC from a player's point of view. I will explain to you my truth, my vision as a developer. 

I really love and respect my team, because we make a quality product. After conferring with the team, we decided to release this DLC anyway, and installed it for a small amount of $2.49. I want to note that this DLC has already been shown to players, and there was even an opportunity to download it for free (whoever had time, downloaded it last year).

Our bonus is the main game, which the player can download for free or pay for a new version.

You're comparing an indie developer to big projects, but buddy, we're not Cyberpunk 2077, which releases an update for free. But Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't offer such low prices for a $5 game either. In addition, it’s not for me to explain to you that the 18+ market is just starting to grow, a couple of years ago it didn’t exist at all (it was Underground).

Trust me, I love free cheese too. But if you are not ready to pay for it, then just wait until it is free, or pass by. After all, this addition will probably also acquire bones and meat in the future, and it will become larger. Paying 1 time you get it forever.


I have never known an indie game to release a paid for DLC before the main game was finished. And this includes single developers. Go and see Stellar Tactics on Steam to see how a solo dev gets it right. AVNs are games, you should comply with the standard.


There are no standards for how to do it. You're just used to free cheese.


There is no standard for these games.

Some do it some do not.

Most actual art drawn games typically don't release the last update as free versions either so count your stars there.

Is there a working cheat code for this game? I bought it here but I'm not subscribed to the patreon.


There are no cheat codes here.


why dose that sound so ominous