The Next Update

Friends, we're already working on the next update for the game. In the next release, you'll be able to further progress the main storyline.

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Can our new furry friend transform into a cute girl this time?

I've looked everywhere over your page in a search for a way to buy the game before its full release. Is it possible to buy the game in its entirety, have the most up-to-date version and be able to update the game whenever it releases?

Heck, I can't even buy the DLCs... There is no "purchase" on the browser and when I try to buy it from the app, it doesn't work :<

I'm in love with the characters and artstyle so far but I am unable to get anything other than the free 0.1 version ;-;

To elaborate on what Zombs is saying...

I initially thought they were spouting nonsense, since the "Download" buttons are clearly on the front page of the game and I was able to update just fine using my previous links (I've bought everything so far)

. However, when you click on anything past the .10 version on an account that hasn't already purchased, something pops up that says

"Your request cannot be completed.

Key must be provided"

Feyada, it looks like you disabled the ability to purchase higher versions through the main page. I'm not sure about anywhere else, but the more convenient way isn't working.

Zombs, in the future you might wanna provide specific details about what the issue is, especially if at a casual glance it looks like everything's set up properly. Hopefully you'll be able to get the game soon, it's fantastic!

Many thanks for your help <3
I am not a native English speaker, but that hasn't stopped me on my quest in search for good H games :>>

Finished playing the v.10 version. IT'S GREAT!