Knightly Passions 0.16. Release!

Dear friends,  

We are releasing a new update, Version 0.16.  

Here is a full changelog: 

  • Added Chinese language support!
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 24.
  • Improved the minigame for catching the horse in the field. 
  • Improved the minigame for the chase by brigands. On monitors with high refresh rates, these two minigames will no longer be accelerated. 
  • Fixed many other bugs, and probably added some new ones. 
  • And much more.  

This update is more of a technical update, and unfortunately, old saves from Version 0.15a won't work in 0.16, but remember that you can use "New Game+" to skip quests you've completed previously when you start a new save file.

If you encounter any problems with the game, be sure to tell us about them in our Discord server. Link:

Thank you so much to everyone who helps us, who believes in our project and supports it. You're the best!

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With "New Game+" i skip the quests but what about the decisions?