What is Peak Sex?

Dear friends, 

In your opinion, what does the perfect sexual encounter look like? Please share your vision of perfect sex in the comments below, including all the details.


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Hmm... well I have an idea for a specific scene, mostly because I think the Witch needs more screen time, does that count?

Basically you arrive at her house at night (late night maybe?), and she invites you in because she wants more spell reagents (so she says, she may just like the taste) and starts flirting with the MC. Your first choice of the scene is to either "Let her continue" which will lead to a similar scene as the first encounter but more elaborate (fellatio, boob job, etc) and ending with getting several samples (in her mouth or on her breasts/face) and the MC leaving at Late Night. The second option is "Kiss Her" which has him grab her and proceed to do so, hard and deep kissing (intense, lots of tongue). She struggles a bit, but soon gives in and returns it. This leads to actual sex which can go into several directions with multiple options (missionary on the bed, doggy style against the wall, lotus, etc. with optional degrees of gentle or rough), cumming in or on her, etc. Afterwards she and the MC are having post-coital cuddling in the bed and she's complaining (content may vary depending on the act and if it was gentle or rough), he laughs and says she enjoyed it. She just blushes and doesn't deny it, staying silent and hiding her face. She does get her sample in the morning with a wake up blowjob. Like the elf, once unlocked this scene can be repeated.

Just a fantasy I hope to see in the game someday.

I enjoy when a girl enjoys aggression in the bedroom. I dislike rape, or painal or other such things, but like when a girl is clearly turned on by being submissive, or degraded, or choked, or made to do lewd things in front of others or things like that.

Also, when helping someone young learn new things about themselves sexually.  Also, when someone who's usually reserved is surprised/ashamed at their own desires for the forbidden and want more.

Yuri would be a very nice addition, or a threesome with two girls (the nuns would be great candidates :o)

Other than that I hope to see more of the arms dealer girl, she's cute. Something more wholesome for her (vanilla). Or more experimenting with different toys would also work here.

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As for details: For the nun threesome (maybe foursome?) a celebration for helping them could turn into a rather raunchy night if enough alcohol flows. 

As for the arms dealer: For more masturbation/toys the witch or one of the nuns could try to order more through you over her. The scenes could then vary depending on the toy. Having her lying on her back or being on all fours and also showing more skin would be nice. Just showing her fully enjoying herself.
For a sex scene our Hero should help her out first, maybe going on a Quest together to secure a shipment. Would also work to get to know her better. Something could happen during the adventure :o)

All the NFSW scenes are great in the game

How about wall sex

 Sex scenes in the nuns beds missionary, cowgirl and stuff like that would be nice


I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. I'm entrenched so deep in arcane fetishes classic BDSM would probably sound like vanilla compared to the stuff I like. Which, unsurprisingly, makes it really hard to find games I care about playing. Oh well, one can hope...

It's simple, really.  It's when you experience utter cumpletion together.