Dear friends! We have already started developing a new version of the game. 

I have a question for you: What fetishes would you like to see in the game?


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Dec 30, 2020
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Dec 30, 2020
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Dec 30, 2020

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Please DONT include all that trap and futa stuff. These weird extreme fetishes always kind of kill the mood tbh. Just some light erotica, socks, etc


Traps, futas, maybe some shibari, fishnets and lace lingerie, kinda like whwhawhwhat the nympho elf wears


Feet, thigh highs and strong spunky girls

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Just to sum up my reply thot's:

*Me being tied up(or asleep I guess) and used by at least 5 


*body worship(I love someone admiring me more than any other)(being psychotically(crazy) in-love with me) XD her doing crazy stuff to show how much she wants me(no blood though*)

*I will support beautiful feminine feet

*How about animalistic transformations(calfgirls XD) and such

*Also for the calfgirls and such, don't be afraid to make those curves thicker and bubblier(I am not insulting your artwork, it's perfect! Just saying so to make these specific character's unique!)

P.S I say calfgirls cause I feel like cowgirls might be confused with strawhats and boots.*


How about body worship?  Not necessarily in a BDSM context. It's just that there are some fairly fit characters in this game, so I would spring for a chance to go exploring/be explored with a nod to the effort it takes to look *that* good


A creator whose willing to listen, sounds like he has my money. My person favs are anal, gaping, watersports, fisting, lactating. You add those and you'll have a fan favorite. Lemme know if you need help too.

It is nice to see another fan of watersports here. So few of us! Hi there! :)

it's hot I dunno why there is few of us. I just think it's people being closed minded.




watersports is very nice!


Watersports does sound nice...


Lactation aand watersports would be nice to have in here, as some have pointed out. 

I understand my next suggestion isn't everyone's thing, but I think some reverse rape would be kinda hot. Perhaps the MC gets into a non-consensual encounter that he later gets into it? I know not everyone would agree with me on this, it's just a suggestion though.


I'd love to see lactation/cowgirls!


I kinda want to see feet




Watersports is always nice, here and there


Totally some monster girls, and i agree with yelsavick with the rape on females...  so there could be a reverse rape (girl that rapes mc/or man) just for the fun af it.

and this is just an idea but if you want some lesbian action you could make a even with some gender-bender. (not realy my thing but im sure someone will like it)


I dig traps. All I'm saying.


Gonna +1 consensual, too many porn games cover rape to the point of being played out but alienating. 
If it is not already in, I would like being able to romance a character with masculine genitalia (however you want to do it). 

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Also could it be many women at once while I am sleeping XD All of them taking turns on my tool.....yes pplease Maybe them having a contest who can go further XD ok I'ma stop lol (me the male making manly groan moans) then I erupt into the one I like/love the most. Someone take my keys.... I can't drive home like this...OOOO or instead of me being asleep I am just tied up! Hmm? Ok I'm done! 


as long as you're willing to add it, im down for any fetishes to be added


Impregnation and monster girls.


My upvote here assumes MC actually fertilises his lovers rather than the TiTS/CoC-verse trope of MC being the host to parasite eggs in their digestive tract. To each their own but I don’t see anything erotic in having worms and I would prefer this was always distinguished from procreative actions.

Also some games (MM for one) have faux pregnancy which involves a character having a pregnant appearance but not actually being pregnant and this totally misses the point.

The opposite of this, pregnancy without visible change, is a more acceptable compromise.

For me, the fundamental fetish is in accomplishing the absolute original purpose of our potent reproductive urges. It is the Ur-fetish. It’s also something that for many, many, reasons can only be casually indulged in fiction.

Yes fertilizes the parasite shit makes me sick to my stomach.


You know I can't think of anything in particular, so throw your own favorite in and you have my vote, BUT please just insure that whatever happens is clearly consensual. I shut down a lot of games when I can't tell if the character I am supposed to be enjoying a moment with is scared of me or into it.

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Ikr, my biggest fetish is my partner completely desiring me. Anywhere from just telling me how attracted to me they are or them literally not being able to leave my side due to their attraction to me.(or my assets ;))