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Waiting for ya to release the full game/bundle in steam, will be more then happy to buy it. :)

Is it only me or the the cheats can't be used in dlc:between life and death?

They are not needed in the DLC.

Yeah man, i enjoined the game even without the cheats,

Great DLC, can't wait to see it expanded.

Thank you!

Hello, I recently tried to purchase both of the DLC's but accidentally purchased the same DLC twice, would it be possible to change one of my purchases to the other DLC?

Hello. Personally, we cannot do this, but perhaps support will help you.


Hi Dev, as you might possibly know Steam Germany banned all adult erotic games from its store. Nevertheless, all EU or RoW Steam keys can be used further on. Please make the Steam Keys available here on itch, too (like other Devs do already) for buyers with a Steam account. A mere link to Steam doesn't help because the access will be denied. I will then buy from your itch store (love to have all games in one place). Thank you for your understandíng, happy New Year and keep up the good work.


Hey! Thank you for your comment. We will think about a bonus system on itche and patreon, and it is likely that we will actually give away keys.


Thank you for your kind reply!

will these DLCs be in the Steam version?

Yes, but it will also be separate from the game.Yes!

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Will this DLC get another update in future or not or this is the last part?

Probably yes, it will.

how can i beat the dragon anyone know?

Use defense when he wants to attack. Attack when he wants to defend himself.


thank you so much, i was suffering a hell of a lot to beat that dragon

Anal sex?


What's the recommended play order of the main game and the dlcs? 


In any order. But it's better to go through the main game first, and then start with any add-on.

Also wanted to ask about whether there was a list of stat thresholds for dialogue options. I know most stat distributions are viable iirc, but I'm just curious about alternative routes to get to the same things and don't want to replay the game 3 times for that.

We will add more choices in the future.

Oh, I'm not really asking about having more choices, just if there was a guide on stat-locked dialogue.

Oh, I'm not really asking about having more choices, just if there was a guide on stat-locked dialogue so that I can know the thresholds to avoid missing it on subsequent playthroughs.

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Quick question was there supposed to be 9 downloads when i clicked the windows download? Great game By the way. sorry this was on the wrong one i meant to write this on the Grip of ice page.

Answered in that thread.

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I played this event when it was in the original game, kinda sucks that I have to remake my saves for it now, I see that the event is still there in 10.c but says coming soon, still love it so I don't mind 

The event is already there. The game displays an announcement.

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I bought the unfinished game knowing that it had beautiful art, however the gameplay was lacking. The world felt unfinished, there wasn't much to do other than the prescribed quests. Feels like an odd choice to be working on a new game, when the first feels, and is, so unfinished.


Let me explain to you what you don't understand. There are artists who paint their paintings for 3-5, and maybe even 10 years. But that doesn't mean they can't create other paintings at the same time. This add-on is a different look at the characters and the fantasy world of the game as a whole. If you don't want to treat the developer to a cup of coffee and a donut (I think it might cost $2.49), then you don't have to buy what we're working on.


I think I understand. You want to be able to continue making a game, and need money to do that, to whit you released another downloadable stand-alone-ish game. I know it is very time consuming and difficult to make a game. The comment was not meant to raise your defenses, but looking at it objectively, it does seem a bit on the confrontational side and it's hard not to take comments personally. Anyway, my thoughts still stand, but I understand the desire/need to make more money to continue development. 


you know, this feels almost like the comments I post on youtube videos to attempt helping content creators in making higher quality content . . . . and by god do I need my own advice sometimes XD

Alright, so i was wondering do you need to purchase this in order to understand the main story? Like will the content in this be related to content in the main game or is this a story separate from the main one. Thanks!


This story is separate from the main one.

To check my understanding of the below comments:

This DLC is an 'expandalone' that is in a complete state atm, but can potentially be expanded upon in the future?



Does this dlc share same save file with original game?



How do I get past the gargoyles after rescuing the demon?

You need to fight them. Attack one at a time.


"DLC" for a game that's not even close to being finished is a very very strange business model. I bought and supported the base game and *that* has barely a few hours of content. I don't feel motivated to spend money on a DLC that will split your time to work on the main game. Pass from me.


This is your choice =)


Gotta say, I agree. 

ah, a comment I disagree with.

In My opinion I think that it is a good marketing idea. while I do admit I have no idea how their current budget looks like, this is a good way to give more content into the game that doesn't need to completely fit into the main game's story.

It's sort of a "what if" scenario, as is the other DLC, of how our MC would react in different stories. These stories can then add new content that can draw in new customers to the main game as well as gain some extra cash from old/returning customers to continue the main game or even add another piece of staff to hasten it's development to appease those bashing on them to finish it.

also I liked the winter DLC that I got with the 0.7 download and may be being defensive of the series that I've grown to love despite how  difficult the combat was in the aforementioned DLC due to having it's stats set in stone, but as I mentioned before: different story = no carry over stats to keep it balanced.

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Will this DLC be getting updates in the future, and if they do what would happen if i bought the DLC at 50% off? 


Yes, it will be updated. If you buy the game now, you will be able to download it without any difficulties during the update.The add-on will be expanded in the future.

Will I be able to buy this DLC on steam when episode 1 releases on steam



Count me sold.

Is the DLC a standalone, does it work with free version, or do you need to pay for the base game AND the DLC in order to play it? 


You can play the DLC separately from the game. It is not necessary to buy the game.


that's not really a dlc then....


The fact is that this is not the main game, but an expansion.


will this be out from now on or will it go away at some point


No.  This DLC will never go away.  It can improve at most.


thats great i was going to use my birthday money if it was going to be a limited time this so iam very glad thats not the case (its in 2 days by the way) and thank you very much on the quick reply it truly means alot




I'm so glad they opted to make a game and not a comic book. I love the art and story in this game so much. SUCH a breath of fresh air from all the crap out there. The way the characters are written combined with how they are drawn, is incredible. Most games I play on here will have really great art, but there is such a huge disconnect between the artists and the writers... but not in this game. You guys killin'it!!! I hope this game and story runs for at least 5 more years. So great.


Thank you <3


It's awesome👍🏻


Thank you <3


So, let me get this straight. I paid for the game. The game isn't finished. AND you want me to pay more money for content that should be part of the game? EA, have you gone indy?


This is an addition. You may not buy it.


Is the game finished?


Most likely we will expand the DLC to 3 episodes.


That's not what I asked.


Game in development.

if i have the previous one already is there a way to get that one or this on or do i pay each update im kinda confused on how to get the previous on


This is additional content. You pay 1 time and get it forever on itch.

ooo ok

 I remember playing the previous version but since this is updated I pay again or should there be a option 


This is a separate addition. You paid to play.


The event says coming soon for me.... whats the deal?


Buy, download, enjoy.

Very cool, thank you FEDAYA!




cant get past the dragon battle? am i doing something wrong?


Defend yourself when he attacks. Attack when he is defending.

Is this different from the previously released halloween version?

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There are minor changes in translation, mechanics and a couple of pictures. It's basically the same add-on that people have seen before.


So if I own the base game I don't really get any value out of this, then?


Why? If you own the game, then you own the base game. This add-on will be paid. Perhaps we will make some free add-ons in the future. I'm not against it.


I'm not complaining, I just wanted to make sure that I knew what was being sold, that's all.